design + illustration, maker of things, hoarder of flannels, collector of nonsense, Etc.

I have always considered me being a 'creative' as both a blessing and a curse. Since I can remember I have been observing even the smallest nuances of every day life; the textures, the colors, and the feelings almost vibrating through me. To me the layers of texture and culture all around us are what make life beautiful and it is up to us as visual thinkers, designers, innovators, and artists to unveil the the possibilities the world has to offer to the masses.

Being a visual thinker you see the potential in every experience, object, art form etc. and a way to make that thing relatable to someone else. Design is about relatability. Relatability is communication, and that is why I love it.

When im not sitting behind a desk locked into my big headphones listening to everything from CSNY to Earl....I'm probably making something - a drawing, a shelf, a song. Or collecting  something - random knowledge, vintage books, records, misc. weird shit. Or just sipping on a glass of bourbon somewhere colorful.